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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 06/02/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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The guys over at Watch My GF find naughty pics girls take of themselves showing off their small tits in the shower to anybody who will watch. This means you end up with lots of time to do things other than hunt amateur porn down like there was no tomorrow. This is good because if you are spending your time hunting for porn all day long there really is no tomorrow for you!

Imagine waking up each day of the week with a shit-ton of candid photos and videos waiting for you to view. Imagine your boss enjoying you coming into work early and refreshed again. Imagine your significant other trusting you because you don’t hide out trying to find fuel for your obsession!

Stop running a rat race and start satisfying your cravings for amateur porn featuring girls with small tits at Watch My GF. You will be happy you did. Your boss will be happy you did. Any hope you have of ever becoming the man your forefathers dreamed you would be is riding on this!

I am not shitting you!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 05/17/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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This picture takes me back.

Natasha Belle is holding her little boob up trying to look like one of the big girls. I am not sure why. Plenty of guys like girls with small tits like Natasha has. I first had sex with a girl much like Natasha!

She was super cute and way out of my league. Her body was phenomenal and her face was uber-cute. She liked to play soccer so her legs and booty were about as firm as they come. Just about the only flaw she had, as she saw it, was her small little boobs. While all of the other girls in school had them, hers were just little budding scoops.


One day while I was at her house her mom went out to the store. I could tell she was a bit nervous and excited about something. As soon as her mom left she ran over and straddled me on the couch. Not too surprising for me because she often did this and a makeout session would usually ensue.

On this day it was different though. Instead of lip locking with me she lifted up her shirt and exposed her bra. It was a new bra. One of the kind that pushes things up and in to give a girl cleavage. She wanted to know what I thought about it.

Being a good boy I complimented her on her bra and nuzzled my face in her cleavage. Most of the time girls don’t want to feel like a stripper. But on this day, that was exactly what she was looking for!

Girls are so darn interested in growing up early. I don’t know what the big deal is. Plenty of guys enjoy girls with petite bodies like Natasha Belle. Some, like you, actually prefer small tits to larger boobs.


Anyhow… Enjoy Natasha Belle and her twin peaks on her official site. She updates everything weekly and everything is shot in ultra-HD. You can even talk to Natasha via her private messaging system.

Go tell her that her small tits aren’t only just fine, they are beautiful!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 04/29/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Listen up, people. There are three videos in the box above. The first one sets the mood. Stay tuned, another will start right after it. In the second video things get wet and puffy! Watch Candy Love massage her small tits while she vibrates her wet, swollen pussy!

And finally, in the first video you get to see this blonde hottie in the bathtub using a shower massager! This girl hits all of the spots until she can’t take it anymore and explodes into an orgasm that almost cracks the tub!

If you have never heard of Wet and Puffy and you enjoy pussy as much as the next guy you are in for a real treat. This site is basically wall-to-wall close up video views of hot babes and their puffy pussies!

The vast majority of young hotties are petite with small tits and tight bodies. The ones with a little extra booty have junk in the trunk with no dimples. You are definitely going to want some lotion and a warm towel for this one!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 04/05/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Boy, if Jennifer Aniston had a little sister it would be Sara Jane from the site Club Sara Jane. Her small tits and petite body should be in Hollywood, but instead, she is laying it all out on the line for us in the San Fernando Valley. California’s porn capitol of the world!

Lately there have been a lot of sites coming online with girls with small tits. The only problem? Their small tits aren’t perky? What in the fuck is the point of shooting a girl with small tits and putting that footage online if her tits aren’t attractive?

Club Sara Jane is all about how perky her small tits are. She can bend, twist, bowl over, it don’t matter! Her tits are always perky!


Sara loves to play dress up. I know, what girl doesn’t? The only difference is that Sara is taking you along for the ride! She plays the French maid like nobody’s business! Her body in a bikini by the pool is enough to give you fantasies of the fuck-bunny girl next door for years!

All of the photo sets come with a hot video. There is nothing like watching beads of water rolling down tan teen skin while a girl lounges by the pool. Summer is almost here, but you don’t have to wait! Get a password and start heating things up right now!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 03/15/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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When I was younger I was lucky enough to have a few girls I could play games with. At different times in my life there was always a small tits girl with a huge crush on me that wanted to get frisky and flirty. They would always start out wanting to hit me and play tag or something similar. A nervous infatuation!

I miss those days… Ariel Rebel brings those days back to life. She also brings up a lot of what-ifs. Ariel has been modeling online for almost seven years now. She still looks barely legal! You can watch her grow up right before your eyes by moving chronologically through her members area – from beginning to the present.

Ariel Rebel is a kinky little girl. She loves to masturbate and even invites friends over to have sex with. Her bisexuality started out innocent enough. First it started out with her and a friend just practicing kissing. Then they wanted to share masturbation techniques. Before long Ariel found she preferred having sex with girls more than just masturbating with no partner.

With one password you can enjoy watching Ariel turn herself on and spy on her sexual exploits with her girlfriends. Not only that, you can access all of her friends sites too! There are over 60 of them and they feature solo models like Andi Pink and Kristina Fey, as well as, multi-model sites where the girls got their start in modeling!

Get excited at and let your fantasies run wild!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 02/25/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Back in high school Tiny Tabby was often called a freak. The other girls were jealous that Tabby looked so cute and innocent. For some reason all of the guys and even her teachers were very interested in her petite figure. Tabby had a thing for flirting with her teachers and this made the boys call her a freak too!

There is nothing freaky about this small tits teen. She just happens to look more like a freshman in high school than a freshman in college. The illusion is so uncanny that her boyfriends regularly get detained for questioning when cops don’t believe she is over 18 years old!

Tiny Tabby got tired of everybody protecting her even after she wasn’t jailbait anymore, so she created Her own little place on the Internet to explore all of the sexual things she had to skip out on. Like I eluded to earlier. She loved to flirt with her teachers, but none of them would be caught dead with her!

Now her teachers are lining up to join her site! Hey, it is all legal!

While they are thinking of her tight pussy she is thinking about having them stick their big cocks in her pussy. Watch the Tiny Tabby masturbating video!


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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 02/03/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Do you want to see just how far this rabbit whole goes? Of course you do! Any warm blooded male would want to know this kind of information and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about wanting to figure it out by using your own God given dipstick!

She has small tits and a banging body. Her name is Tiny Becky and she is just one of the many girls on the Tiny Teen Pass. With one password you can access over two dozen barely legal teen solo model sites!

They are practically giving access to their entire network away. At just a buck there is no other cheaper barrier to entry. With over two dozen reasons to join this is a no-brainer!

Watch girls like Tiny Becky drill their pussies and have sex with their friends. Whether those friends be boys from school or girls from the cheerleading squad, the teen sex videos are always piping hot and as steamy as ever!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 01/13/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Certain sites have strange names and Club Seventeen is one of them. You see it and you are thinking… Shit! Do I need to wipe my hard drive? Is the FBI snooping in on my WIFI? Oh fuck! Damn you, Small Tits Blog! I want to look at jailbait, but I don’t want to go to jail for this shit!

Don’t worry… Club Seventeen hasn’t had naked 17yo girls for many years. They used to have them back when it was legal to do so, but with the European Union and the Internet spanning boarders things have changed!

That doesn’t mean we can look at barely legal girls like Cherry though. Her tiny tits, tight pussy and petite body will have you thinking jailbait while staying perfectly legal. The site updates daily with girls like Cherry! Of course they have girls in their low twenties too!

I suggest taking the tour and moving around the site. So many hotties all over the place. Mind blowing! Wad blowing! But not wallet decimating! Right now it is 35% off the normal price!

Did I mention the live chat with girls like Cherry? Do I even have too?

Find more barely legal girls at Club Seventeen!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 12/16/11 - Bookmark Small Tits
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You’ve gotta love it when a teenage girl finally sprouts her little tits and can’t wait to show them to the world. Angie from Total Super Cuties just found her boobies and now she is using the site to let the world know she is no longer as flat as a board!

There are dozens of models at and each one of them has a girl next door vibe. Sure, some of the look like they could have made the cheerleading squad, but most of them look like that hot girl two rows up from you in class.

Each model does several photo galleries and they often do more than a few videos to boot. Some girls get naked, others tease you with camel toe shots in their panties. No matter if they are naked and masturbating or partially nude, they are always hotter than hell!

Take the Total Super Cuties tour and find the girl next door of your dreams!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 12/11/11 - Bookmark Small Tits
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teenburg1 teenburg2

Girls are known to do some pretty strange things when guys aren’t around. Just about every girl I have ever dated has told me of getting drunk with some girlfriends and then getting horny and just letting things play out. Nice!

Teen Burg is filled with hot girls with small tits. And, true to life, they do some pretty amazing things when they are alone. Like show each other their favorite masturbation techniques!

Grab your own password and let the good times roll!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 11/27/11 - Bookmark Small Tits
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If you are thinking about warming this girls tiny tits up with some warm hands and then playing with her excited nipples with your shaking fingers don’t feel weird. I am pretty sure you are not alone!

Girls with small tits get all kinds of flack in high school. It isn’t enough that the guys give them names like Kansas or Washboard, as the other girls can be even worse! Somehow Maryjane Johnson made it through high school with an appreciation for her small tits. Now she is getting the last laugh too. While the other girls are being shunned by guys because of their saggy pancakes, Maryjane is still perky as ever!

If you like small tits you need a membership to They are not just about softcore anymore. Girls do hardcore at Nubiles now too!

Pretty much all of the girls masturbate in several videos at Nubiles. You can watch Maryjane’s Sybian masturbation video right now. Then try going to Nubiles search page and do a search for:

Boobs: Small
Pussy: Shaved
Cup Size: Exactly A

Then scan through the results. Try adding more criteria like Less Than 19 Years Old or find only the A-Cup Gingers by adding in Redheads. I just found another of my favorites: Victoriasweet!

But let’s not talk about my favorites, go find your own at!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 11/20/11 - Bookmark Small Tits
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You probably don’t have many small tits girls wearing training bras brushing their teeth in your house so the folks at Free Teenie Pass have decided to provide them for you for free!

The Free Teenie Pass gives you access to over 20 solo model sites and a few multi-model sites too. Girls include cuties like Lil Maya, Lil Emma, Little Summer, Little Lupe, Trixie Teen and more!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 11/01/11 - Bookmark Small Tits
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You like girls with small tits (obviously), but you don’t know where to get them for a small price. You are in luck because knowing these things is my job. Seriously! I pride myself in knowing where to get videos and picture sets featuring girls with small tits. Both hardcore and softcore porn can be had!

But where?

You can find this hottie at 18 Only Girls. With one membership you can get access to sites like Sasha Blonde, Virgin Off, Kamilla 18 and many more. All of the sites are filled with girls with small tits. Hot girls. Sure, they do have a few dogs here and there, but for the price and the quantity, you can’t beat the overall quality!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 10/03/11 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Another score!

Her name is Pinky June and she has some very perky, small tits. Pinky’s pussy slit is so tight you might find it a bit painful to have your cock inside her tight little snatch. She is bisexual and she loves to masturbate while you watch!

All of the videos and pics are shot in HD and they are crystal clear. Pinky is still learning about sex and she is an eager learner. Perhaps you have a few things on your mind that you’d like to show this little tart?

Watch her nubile videos at!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 09/05/11 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Hey there, kiddo, don’t look so nervous. Plenty of guys are into small tits so long as they are perky and they don’t get any perkier than yours! In fact, my blog is pretty much dedicated to girls with boobs your size!

Her name is Lil Candy and we should all give her a warm welcome of man-goo. She started modeling when she was barely legal and at 22 years old she hasn’t really aged much since she started high school.

Candy updates her site weekly and does live web cam shows. Her site is peppered with videos of Lil Candy doing hardcore and loaded with videos of Lil Candy masturbating. Candy really enjoys sex and if there are no guys around she has been known to hit on a female friend!

Get more free pics at!

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