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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 10/23/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Girls like Jenny have an untouched quality that make you pause a moment before diving in. Like an untouched forest you consider the possibility of leaving her tiny pussy unadulterated. Of course nobody would actually pass up sucking on those small tits while fucking her tight teenage pussy, but the thought of doing so does cross your mind.

When Club Seventeen opened its doors back in 1976 they had no idea just how big they would get. With the advent and popularity of the Internet the magazine put a site online in 1996. Now that site has 25,000 members coming in on a daily basis!

How does a magazine about young girls get so popular you ask? Well, first they start out with a very perverted sounding name. While would suggest there are underage girls there, nothing could be further from the fact. The magazine stopped including 17yo girls a long time ago when they expanded into the USA. Before that girls under 18 years old could pose topless since nudity in other countries isn’t such a big deal like it is in the USA.

While there are thousands of girls I would have to say that Jenny is one of my personal favorites. Along with most of the other girls she has multiple picture sets and videos available for instant download. See you in the members area.

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 10/23/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Diabolla video chat room -

It seems that no matter how much I watch live nude chat shows with small tits girls I never get tired of doing it. Writing for this blog I have joined somewhere in the 100’s of small tits porn sites, but I never stay a member of any one site for very long. With web cams it is different though.

Since you don’t pay to be a member of a free web cam site like CamJog you can be a member forever! Unlike most sites out there this one has hundreds of girls to choose from at any given time and there are thousands of girls in the network.

When I join even the largest multi-model teen site out there I end up knowing or knowing of each and every girl within weeks. I have been playing on now for over a year and I still don’t know even half of the girls. Not that I would want to know the other half of them. Hey, I’m not into shemales!

But you get my point. If you want to cyber with somebody sexy when ever it works out for your busy schedule try CamJog!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 10/13/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Seriously, man. The only thing missing in this picture is you!

Kimmy Teen is a small tits redhead with an equally cute redhead friend. They like to tease boys and men. Obviously, right? They both have long slender legs and cute little bums. Their small tits are very perky. As you would expect with barely legal girls!

There are lots of solo models out there vying for your attention. Kimmy doesn’t even have to try hard. She is a naturally beautiful girl. The kind you have living next door. Don’t you just love those girl next door sweethearts?

If you are a fan of girls wearing panties with plenty of camel toe to go around Kimmy Teen will excite you. She gets completely naked and has just enough bush to prove she really is a redhead.

Members get access to her friends like Debbie Teen and Little Danni. While Kimmy is plenty worth the price of admission I have to admit those other two make this a sealed deal!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 10/08/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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When Internet porn was in its infancy it was almost impossible to find small tits in porn. Since then plenty of sites have added girls like Presley Hart from Nubiles. With so many sites featuring girls with small tits and so many solo models having tiny tits as well it can be mind boggling trying to find something worth your cum shot.

My Porn Diary is one option you an try. They add news sites the minute they go online so you know you are not missing some girl you would have otherwise never found on your own.

With you can keep up with small tits pornstars and more. Most of the girls have multiple galleries so you can taste before you commit to buying. The site adds new girls and new galleries for current girls daily so make sure to keep going back for more!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 10/06/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Back in the 70’s there were swinger parties and they involved some pretty hot women, but they can’t hold a candle to today’s girls. Back then you had to get a girl all coked up and drunk in order to get her to participate in an all out orgy. Now girls are more than willing to defy their parents and get crazy on each other!

Girls are snapping nude pictures of themselves with their digital cameras and smart phones more and more. It is getting to the point where you almost can’t even surf a porn site without some teeny bopper flashing her young titties at you. Enjoy the small tits and chat with girls that used to be out of your league.

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 09/20/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Few models with small tits have the presence that exudes from Bailey Knox. She is truly an amazing creature. Looking at her you begin to wonder, "Surely God must exist for there could be no other way a creature as exquisite as this could have been formed without some kind of divine intervention!"

Her small tits are very perky and her skin is very smooth. Science tells us that Bailey is indeed getting older. Seemingly by some magic spell Bailey doesn’t appear to be getting any older though. Like a Greek goddess made of marble she is locked into a nymph stage of transformation.

bailey-knox-new-years3 updates throughout the week with new picture sets and a video of her doing what teenage girls do when they get bored with no boys around to tickle their pussies. She masturbates and dreams of having some big strong man to deliver her orgasm after orgasm!


Be that guy by joining Bailey Knox. Talk to her on her private messaging system and tell her how you’d rock her world. She loves responding back with details of how crazy her orgasm was while masturbating to your message!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 09/18/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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While there are undoubtedly a lot of girls with small tits out there sexting naked pics of themselves to their boyfriends, girls like this one above are lonely and looking for attention. They shoot pictures of their small tits and put them up on sites like GND GFs to see what the boys will say about them. Will they think they are cute? Will they say they are too small?

For the life of me I cannot understand why the girls and boys in school are so cruel to girls with small tits. Personally I enjoy them and love how perky they stay as girls turn into young ladies. While the big breasted girls are complaining about bra straps digging into their shoulders and how their boobies are sagging down to their knees, the small tits girls are have a good time without stretch marks.


The picture and video quality can be a bit raw at times, but that is one of the distractions you learn to live with on sites like GND Gfs. These girls are professionals and their equipment is often nothing more than a cell phone camera.

What you can expect with GND GFs is hundreds of amateur girls exposing themselves in ways they often meant only for their boyfriends. Call it voyeurism on steroids if you will. Just don’t put an asterisk by anybody’s name. Unless they truly are one of your favorites!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 09/14/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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We bet you’re going to get amazed as soon as you’ll step inside Marylin’s sex chat room! She’ll make sure you’ll be treated like a king and every wish of yours will be turned into reality. That’s what extremely sexy small tits chicks like her are made for.

There are guys who need to be satisfied and that’s where small tits girls like Marylin get into the game. So to make this short… visit her room today and let her offer you one of the deepest video chat experiences ever. You’ll be happy for sure and soon enough you’ll want to return to her to see her stripping, nude and eager to do anything for you.

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 08/28/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Trixie Teen is one of the original Premium GFs network girls. Her small tits and tight little butt have captured the hearts of tens of thousands of fans; men and women alike!

With one Premium GFs membership you can enjoy the original twelve girls and the new eighteen more that have been added. More are added all of the time and the price stays the same. I wish our gas price had this same principal.

Some of my favorites from the original lineup include, Teen Topanga, Little Summer and Chloe 18. What are your favorites?

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 08/27/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Perfection and this photo go hand in hand. This girl is seriously beautiful and this is a great porn photo shot in very high quality so that we get to enjoy every part of this girls amazing body. Laying there nude showing off her smooth skin, small tits and tight pussy. She has a perfectly shaved pussy and spreading her pussy lips with her fingers like that makes me want to fuck her so hard. I would pay just to fuck this teen babe in that tight pussy of hers!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 08/15/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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Girls always say stuff like, "I don’t know why guys have such a fascination with my boobs. I guess it is because they don’t have them?" When in reality, girls have that same fascination with their small tits too. At least, in the beginning they do.

When Ivana Fukalot came over to play with Natasha Shy she had some ulterior motives. Ivana wanted to compare boobs with Natasha and she didn’t stop there. After they sized up each others nubile breasts they moved on down to see what was different about their teenage pussies.

There is a general rule when it comes to pussy. When you see one you want to taste it too. For girls, especially young impressionable girls, this goes double. While Natasha just wanted to see what her friend tasted like, Ivana wanted to experience what it felt like to have her pussy licked. Cleverly, she went first and licked Natasha’s pussy first knowing her friend would feel inclined to reciprocate!

Watch more of their teen lesbian action with a password to!

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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 07/25/12 - Bookmark Small Tits
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This little cutie with the small tits is Paris. She has her own site called Paris N Friends where she shares her experiences as a teen just starting to have sex (legally, let’s not kid ourselves here).

What makes this girl so remarkable are her small tits. They look very nubile and then we work on her cute little hinny. Seriously? Does this girl live on the parsley other people throw away? Nobody is complaining here, just wondering out loud.



Paris N Friends is loaded with videos and pictures of this girl in all sorts of situations. She can look older (think 1930’s movie posters) and younger (think naughty thoughts here). She loves to play dress up and, I guess you could say, dress down, since some of her outfits are a little girlie-girl.


Hey, Paris, your thirteenth birthday called and it was its ass back!


Now just stop and look at this picture for a second. We are going to do a little exercise in proportions. Your hand is about one and one half times the size of Paris’s little hand. That makes your open hand about the same size as her legs!

Talk about playing dolls! Paris is a little fuck-doll forgotten by time!

Join Paris N Friends and enjoy her weekly updates and no digital rights management. You can enjoy her nubile videos even after you cancel. Even after she turns forty someday. They are yours to keep!

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